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No where near Twitter sway…Tumblr cool and I despise fucking loathe Facebook.

I was born before 1987 so me having a following on here that likes my words for words isn’t a high possibility. But would I like that? Shit yeah.

As much as I love the 1980s and 90s I feel we have to get it through our skulls that the greatness that was 20…30 years ago ain’t never coming back. The funny thing about the past it always seems better in the future but not at the time. These 90s babies are going to love the 2000s and complain how bad the 2010s…20s are going to be.

Maurice and Women? Like oil and water but sadly I’m not that gay.

I have no children. Haven’t had a “scare” in years. Damn near 30 and I don’t want kids. I really feel they are going to ruin my life…more than I fuck shit up in my life. Like damn I have to be an example now?

I don’t like taking pictures and shit I tired in the beginning but a nigga can’t get those Asian tourist angles down.

No poems…nobody cares about a 30 y/o simp.

Can’t fuck with the forwarding of popular gifs,memes, and shit..just my commentary on shit.

I consider myself a writer but I’m scared shitless to share my world. I’m also not that interesting. But I will be on here for more writing and sharing as sort of a exercise for my craft.


Ok its “cool” to post pictures of children online right? It’s your child or a family member. But you also post pictures of vaginas, penises, and other sexual themed photos along with these children.

I hate opening a fast broads plixi (lockerz) expecting more nudes and I get more nudes,photos with dicks in her mouth and the a “Here’s me and the only man I in my life.”

But you just had a photo of you with 4 ounces of baby batter from ya chin to the star tattoos on your stomach.

You’re not happy.

You usually blame an outside party. We feel we shouldn’t have to be the one to change. I’m starting to notice I need to change.

I don’t need to leave New York. I don’t need a new job… Nah I need a new job

What do I have to do to change? How can I better myself? What’s next?

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